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Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace

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Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace

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Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace

New version for 2015!

Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace sets the standard for a truly custom ligament knee brace. Substituting elements of the rigid CTi frame with a flexible subshell and Adjustable Tibial Strap, CTi OTS provides adjustability and an excellent out-of-the-box fit while maintaining the level of support and protection that you expect from a CTi knee brace.

  • The proven technology of the classic CTi knee brace is available with off-the-shelf convenience
  • Outfitted with anatomically correct Accutrac® hinges and flexible cuffs and buckles, the rock-solid CTi carbon frame provides a rigid exoskeleton that stabilizes the knee joint
  • Breathable liners coated with bio-inert Össur® Sensil® Silicone ensure CTi OTS remains properly positioned on the leg, for optimal functional benefit.

Warranty: Ossur warrants the frame and hinge components to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years.

Straps, liners, return cords, hinge coating and other soft components shall be warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months

The Ossur CTi OTS Ligament Knee Brace


The Ossur CTi Ligament Knee Brace technology is indicated for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities, All activity levels, Standard model for medium to high impact levels, Pro Sport model for highest impact levels

Cti For MX & FMX
Cti For BMX & Mountain Bike
Cti For Wakeboarding
Cti For Surfing
Cti For Skateboarding
Cti For Skiing
Cti For Snowboarding

The Ossur CTi OTS Ligament Knee Brace


  • Maximum activity
  • Delay knee surgery
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with ACL/PCL injuries
  • Improve knee joint function
  • Ultimate knee protection

The Ossur CTi OTS Ligament Knee Brace

Support Level

This brace is rated Level IV

The Ossur CTi OTS Ligament Knee Brace

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Sizing Chart

Measurements: Measure circumference of your leg just below kneecap in a standing position.

Small Circumference 11" (27.9cm) to 12.625" (32.1cm)
Medium Circumference 12.625" (32.1cm) to 14.25" (36.2cm)
Large Circumference 14.25" (36.2cm) to 15.375" (39.1cm)
XLarge Circumference 15.375" (39.1cm) to 16.625" (42.2cm)
XXLarge Circumference 16.625" (42.2cm) to 18.125" (46cm)

Additional Information/Pictures

Ossur CTi Carbon Fiber Knee Brace Instructions For Use

Additional Information About The CTi Carbon Fiber Knee Brace

The Ossur CTi OTS Carbon Fiber Knee Brace

Ossur CTI Ligament Knee Brace Ossur CTI Ligament Knee Brace
Proprietary Sensil padding is comfortable & reduces migration Anatomically-correct Accutrac hinges with extension stops track the natural movement of the knee
Ossur CTI Ligament Knee Brace Ossur CTI Ligament Knee Brace
Interior buckles for a more streamlined, lower profile. Flexible subshell and Adjustable Tibial Strap (ATS) capture the tibia and allow adjustments in hinge depth for a more customized fit.

The Ossur CTi OTS Carbon Fiber Knee Brace

The CTI OTS Ligament Knee Brace by Ossur

12 years ago, Omar Hassan was seriously injured and had to have a complete knee reconstruction. Omar thought his career as a professional skateboarder was over, until he got his CTi knee brace. Now he still wears his CTi and skates professionally in elite competitions

The Ossur CTi OTS Carbon Fiber Knee Brace

Insurance Code

HCPCS Code: L1845

The CTI OTS Ligament Knee Brace by Ossur

Customer Reviews

Sturdiest most rigid brace of the lot Review by Matt
Customer Reviews:
I was fitted for an over the counter Ossür cti today at Bonel medical in north Philly, they are unbelievable by the way. I've had trouble finding reliable reviews on these braces, while there are loads of reviews on breggs and don joy braces. I compared three braces while getting fitted, the cti, the bregg fusion and the donjoy defiance. The Bregg had some "give" to it's hinges, thinking like a much stronger neoprene knee sleeve. It's fit was extremely anatomical, and allowed for the best range of movement. It may be ideal for those looking for a knee brace while you're knee is still getting back to strength and size, so as to avoid getting another brace when you're muscles are built back up. The Donjoy was slightly stiffer than the bregg but still had a decent amount of give, and the hinges were in contact with the skin. The particular don joy didn't fit me that well, although for some it may be a great fit. Each brace had it's positives and negatives. The Ossur fit my knee like a glove, which is good, because due to the rigid frame of the CTI, the fit is nonnegotiable. This is the only pitfall of the CTI, that you're knee must be back in it's normal shape before you order one up, or else you will be stuck with a brace that is too loose or too tight when you're knee/quad is reshaping during rehab. Overall for me though it was perfect because more than anything, it really locks you knee in. A knee brace is no guarantee to prevent injury, and it's debatable whether they even protect from ACL re-tears, but I had two minor injuries since my acl tear because my leg wasn't quite as strong, I plan to wear this brace even when my leg is 100%, simply because it will just not allow the knee to bend a way it shouldn't due to it's ungiving frame. As long as you get one that will fit the longterm shape of your leg, this is the most sturdy, most protective brace for MCL, PCL, meniscus tears and in my case, it would've prevented a hairline tibial plateau fracture i suffered a few weeks ago when my knee buckled because it was still pretty weak. This brace is the best on the market in terms of quality, but is also the most particular. The Bregg fusion simply seems to make the knee maybe 30-40% more stable than it already is, where as this ossur is so bulletproof, there's no way you leg will buckle against the brace. NOTE; even in an ossur, you can still perform the mechanism that tears most ACL in non contact situations. I more so did this cuz it protects pretty much everything else. (Posted on 3/3/16)
Killer solid feeling when i wear the cti model its so stable !! Would recommend this brace for anyone that has acl or mcl injury i havent had surgery yet and hopefully wont have to if i just rehab my knee !! So buy this if you want a stable durable amazin Review by Mikey
Customer Reviews:
It's awesome (Posted on 10/21/15)

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