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Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

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Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

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Step-Smart™ Drop Foot Ankle Brace Information


The Step-Smart is the only complete solution for drop foot. The Step-Smart brace is not only designed for clearance during swing phase of gait, it is also engineered to handle shock absorption at heel strike. The exclusive Jacob Joint pushes the foot into gentle dorsiflexion during swing phase. Then the pre-loaded feature of the joint absorbs shock and decelerates the plantarflexion phase instantaneously during heel strike.

The dorsiflexion assist Jacob Joint comes complete with three sets of replaceable compression components that offer varying degrees of shock absorption. This allows the doctor and patient to adjust the shock absorption level to match the weight and step length of the patient.

  • The Step-Smart is low profile, easy to use, comfortable, and is designed with the
         proper dynamics to mimic the natural foot & ankle movements
  • This off the shelf brace can be customized to match each patient's shock
         absorption requirements and their foot/calf angle
  • We're confident that your patients will agree with Dr. Walter Keller,
         Vascular Surgeon and Step-Smart user, when he states "With the old AFO design,
         walking was so tiresome that I was content falling on my face rather than use it I
         love the Step-Smart because it better mimics the natural ankle motions during walking
  • Can be tailored to the needs of each patient
  • The dorsiflexion assist joints and tensor settings may be adjusted to the ideal level for
         individual patients
  • Customized to one of five different levels of dorsiflexion assistance
  • Available in two sizes
  • Choose left or right
  • Blue or Black Spenco Topcovers not Included
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Breakage Warranty for Defects
  • Ground shipping only please

Step-Smart™ Drop Foot Ankle Brace


The Step-Smart drop foot brace is indicated for drop foot and to restore a near normal gait cycle.

Step-Smart™ Drop Foot Ankle Brace


  • Prevent drop foot
  • Prevent falling
  • Stabilize gait
  • Reduce foot contractures
  • Improve ambulation
  • Improve quality of life

Step-Smart™ Drop Foot Ankle Brace

Support Level

This brace is rated Professional

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Sizing Chart

Sizing instructions: If you have wide feet, with a heel width of greater than 2.5 inches, then go with the large, if you have a narrow foot, with a heel width less than 2.5 inches, then go with the small.  Blue spenco is a spongy topcover material providing padding over the plastic footplate.  Spenco adds comfort but is not necessary.

Insightful Step-Smart Sizing

Insightful Step-Smart Sizing

Insightful Step-Smart Sizing

Additional Pictures/Information

BioMechanically, the Step-Smart design is more energy efficient than the competitive designs. It's more desirable than the stiff design, since it allows for good plantarflexion at heel strike. It's more desirable than the flexible designs, since it is preloaded. The benefit of a preload on the system is critical to shock absorption. Also, the Dorsi Flexion assist joints allow better clearance at swing phase.

Gait Efficient

With drop foot, however, it is not desirable to have a design with free plantarflexion. Naturally, our bodies control the deceleration at heel strike with an eccentric contraction of the dorsiflexors. This combined with a slight flexion moment at the knee is what creates the shock absorption. With other flexible solutions, there is too much plantarflexion at heel strike causing foot slap. The result is trauma and pain to the calcaneous. The reason that the Step-Smart design is superior to the others is that it provides resistance to plantarflexion the instant the heel hits the ground. Some other designs need to be plantarflexed before the resistance is high enough to be effective. By then it is too late. The shock of hitting the ground has already damaged the foot and ankle. The new Step-Smart provides a pre-load that controls deceleration at contact.

Swede-O Step-Smart

The foot/calf angle is unique to each individual and needs to be addressed by the AFO. The factory tensor setting works for most people. If the calf section seems to dislodge, the calf section angle can be adjusted. the Step-Smart brace includes a total of three tensors: two of the same length attached to the brace and one longer tensor which may be installed if needed.

Step-Smart Drop Foot Ankle Brace

Swede-O Step-Smart

Without plantarflexion the Floor Reaction Force creates a Knee Flexion moment that the patient has to fight. Plantarflexion is important at heel strike because it moves the Floor Reaction Force more Anterior (forward). This is a more stable dynamic position. Unfortunately, many drop foot devices allow little or not plantarflexion.

The Step-Smart allows a plantarflexion while providing the ideal level of plantarflexion resistance. The Step-Smart may be set to one of five different levels of plantarflexion resistance. This allows the brace to be set to the required level of resistance for each patient. The result is easier walking and less fatigue for the patient.

A common complaint with traditional drop foot devices is the uncomfortable and often painful "foot slap". The Step-Smart pushes the foot into gentle dorsiflexion during swing phase and then decelerates the foot during heel strike. The brace provides the correct timing of shock absorption and the ideal level of plantarflexion resistance. This prevents foot slap and allows for a normal step length.

Step-Smart Drop Foot Ankle Brace

Insurance Code

HCPCS Code: L1971, L2210 (with top cover add L2820)

Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

Customer Reviews

Perfect Solutiomn. Review by Laura
Customer Reviews:
I have been using this product for almost two years. This brace fits in almost every shoe and can be worn all day comfortably. it has allowed me to be more mobile and active. (Posted on 10/10/15)
Step-Smart Foot Drop Brace - A Great Product Review by Mari
Customer Reviews:
Unable to raise my toes or my foot (dorsiflexion) I had been using the Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace for many years and for many years my low back remained sore and my leg/foot swelled, and I tripped over my toe/foot often. I was so uncomfortable I was determined to find something new and more comfortable. Everything I found seemed to cater to the “older” generation. In my search on-line I found the Smart-Step Drop Foot Brace. I read the testimonials, watched the videos posted by people who had purchased one already and fell in love. It seemed to be the perfect product for me, so I purchased one. It has turned out to be a great investment! What an improvement! I now have less back pain, my “gait” has returned to almost post-surgery normal, as well I have more confidence in all my daily activities because I feel more secure on my feet. My leg/foot no longer swell, I highly recommend this product if you have a Drop Foot from surgery or injury. It has been wonderful for me so far! For all the Women out there with drop foot, this brace will allow you to wear a sandal and a shoe without laces…..finally nice shoes!! Thank you “The Brace Shop” and “Insightful Products”! (Posted on 10/6/15)
step easy foot brace Review by Pam
Customer Reviews:
The brace does what it is advertised to do and very affordable.
I find it slightly heavier that my other brace so it tires me out sooner. I do love it but the portion that fits up the calf I had to add more padding because it rubs and irratates my leg because it is so thin. I believe it is the condition of the leg not the brace that causes this. (Posted on 9/8/15)
Great! Review by Lmerry
Customer Reviews:
I've tried several other braces, including Ossuleaf, and this one is best by far. The added spring-back feature and shorter foot base is ideal. If you have foot drop try this out. (Posted on 6/25/15)
Need to Offer larger size Review by SteveO
Customer Reviews:
Great brace But should be offered in a larger size. I'm 350 lbs and very active. this brace cuts into my heel. USPS is the worst shipping. And 8 months is the most you can expect from this brace if worn daily! (Posted on 11/27/14)
Super Satisfied Review by Don
Customer Reviews:
After I got the Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace for my right foot, and it helped so much, I could hardly wait to get another for my left foot. (Posted on 5/24/14)
Highly Innovative product for condition. Met all expectations Review by Bob
Customer Reviews:
Highly Innovative product for condition. Met all expectations (Posted on 5/11/14)
Absolutely great Review by Don
Customer Reviews:
Planning for the other foot too. (Posted on 4/20/14)
Great until it broke Review by FDApproved
Customer Reviews:
The brace was great for about 8 months and the broke right where the strap hooks to the brace. I get to order another one now. (Posted on 3/27/14)
Foot Brace Review by Marie M.
Customer Reviews:
This foot brace is the best fitting brace I have ever I owned. The straps fit and are completely adjustable for big and small legs. This brace fits like a custom brace but without paying over $1,500 dollars for a custom brace. My insurance does not cover foot braces so I am forced to buy these on my own out of pocket exoenses. (Posted on 1/12/14)

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