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If you are searching for the correct ankle brace for your ankle injury, you have arrived at the premier website for ankle braces, ankle supports and walking boots. Welcome to The Brace Shop! We have the best ankle braces for all types of sports injuries and sprains. You can also protect your fibula and achilles tendon muscles  by wearing ankle support whenever you run. Our ankle brace and support products come highly recommended by medical doctors in America. Shop for the right ankle brace  for your needs and ultimate comfort.

Ankle Brace for Sprain

Take heed of all the preventative measures we recommended as issues with your ankle can affect your movement for months on end. Our ankle braces are designed to offer optimal comfort for sprained and swollen ankles. They compress the muscle tension to reduce swelling and pain.

Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer

The Brace Shop has one of the largest selections of ankle braces, night splints, walkers and ankle straps for every ankle condition. No one can match our selection, prices, customer service and technical help.

How to Wear an Ankle Brace with Shoes

In the event that a sprain, tear or swelling on the ankle has occurred, the amount of time you take to get healing will affect how long you should wear an ankle brace after a sprain. An average of 4-6 weeks is the standard amount of time you will have to ear an ankle splint or brace. We prescribe an ankle sock brace for people that want to wear their shoes on a swollen ankle. Here's a list of other ankle braces you can find at The Brace Shop online!

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