About Us

Why do our customers rank the Brace Shop #1?

The Brace Shop is one of the fastest growing online orthopedic brace stores in the USA. Since 1995, the Brace Shop has sold braces and other extremity products to millions of satisfied customers.

There is nothing more frustrating then calling a company to seek help with a customer service issue and instead connecting with a machine. Our experienced customer care team is standing by during business hours to help you with your questions and concerns.

The Brace Shop team prides itself on being knowledgeable about each product on our site. Our customer service department works with you to make sure you get the brace you expect in the time you expect it. We are there for you from the day you place your order until the package arrives at your door

It is that continuity of customer care, that makes us #1!

Corporate Headquarters

Braceshop Headquarters

(Not a Retail Store- Please call for Pick-Up)

The Brace Shop
6560 W Rogers Circle
Suite 19
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST