Price Match Guarantee

The Brace Shop is offering a Price Match Guarantee for all products on our website. As one of the largest and most visible internet retailers of extremity braces, we understand that other online companies and individuals try to compete with us by lowering prices below our listed sale price. We also understand that price is a big part of your decision in choosing not only a product, but the company that you purchase it from.  With over 30 years of experience, The Brace Shop has proven to be one of the leaders in online sales of braces and supports.  

No other company can compete against us in product quality, product selection, customer service, shipping and of course price. 

In order to satisfy the tens of thousands of customers who come to our website each month, The Brace Shop has instituted a price match guarantee on all products! 

If you find a product where the price is lower than ours, you can:
  • Email us at [email protected] with the link to the competitors product page
  • Instant message our customer service department with the the product information

If we determine that the competitors price of the product plus shipping is lower than The Brace Shop's listed price including shipping, we will match or beat the price and offer a 10% discount on all future orders for an entire year.  If the competitor is offering free shipping, we will match the price of the competitors product plus offer free shipping and offer a 10% discount on all future orders for an entire year.

The Brace Shop will consider shipping costs in any Price Match Guarantee as many websites lower the product price, but hit you with high shipping costs to make up the difference. 

The Brace Shop will honor the price match guarantee at the time the order is placed only.  We cannot price match an order that is already been placed online or over the phone.

The Brace Shop Reserves the Right to Not Price Match if:

  • The item is discontinued, used or is an older model for clearance
  • The website is not legitimate. This is based on a valid business address (not a PO Box) and contact phone number.
  • The price has to be clearly stated on the competitors website and cannot be a verbal price guarantee
  • Amazon, ebay or other online sales portals where the seller has no physical address or phone number (Not a PO Box).
  • The Order has already been placed online or over the phone.  It has to be price matched at the time of the order.

If you have any questions about our Price Match Guarantee you can call us, instant message us or email us.  Try getting that service from our competitors!