BMMI Magnetic Knee Support


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BMMI Magnetic Knee Support

The BMMI Magnetic Knee Support can be worn almost anytime and anywhere, so they can continuously work by reducing inflammation and swelling. his Support contains 2 BMMI concentric circle magnets and is available in two sizes.

The only magnetic product medically proven to relieve pain without medication. BIOflex braces utilize revolutionary patented technology to ensure the deepest penetration of the magnetic field to the affected area.

  • Commonly recommended for use on sports injuries and chronic pain conditions
  • Clinically proven to reduce pain, accelerate healing and improve circulation
  • Only BMMI braces offers concentric circle magnets
  • Guarantee accurate alignment with the affected blood vessels
  • BMMI is the ORIGINAL magnet specifically & exclusively for human medical use
  • Wicks moisture from skin allowing your skin to ventilate and remain well oxygenated
  • Light compression to counteract tissue swelling
  • Gauss: 500
  • Magnetic Fields: 2
  • Size: S/M fits knee size up to 14.5"
  • L/XL fits knee size up to 16.75"


The BMMI Magnetic Knee Support is indicated for the relief of knee pain and improved circulation.


  • Increase circulation
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve joint function
  • Improve quality of life

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Sizing Chart

  • Gauss: 500
  • Magnetic Fields: 2
  • Size: S/M fits knee size up to 14.5"
  • L/XL fits knee size up to 16.75"

Additional Info

By law, no other company can manufacture or sell magnets with concentric circle design. BMMI is the registered trademark of the magnetic device that is so unique it has been protected by international patents. Three of the strongest patents, European, U.S. and Japanese, have been granted to protect this design.

BMMI Magnetics are the only medical magnets with sound, scientific proof of the effectiveness of its products.
BMMI Magnetic Knee Support


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this has no stretch compared to my previous brace