Bort MalleoStabil Ankle Brace (2)


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Bort MalleoStabil Ankle Brace

The Bort MalleoStabil Ankle Brace uses anatomically shaped plastic shells for stabilizing the upper ankle joint. A memory foam padding provides optimum comfort and does not impair walking. Use the brace for reducing the time spent in a cast, ligament injuries, upper ankle joint sprains, supination and/or pronation trauma's and fibular ligament rupture.

  • Reducing time spent in a plaster cast
  • No impairment to walking
  • Anatomically shaped, with 25 cm long plastic shells, offers optimum stabilization of the upper ankle joint
  • The MalleoStabil is supplied with two sets of padded variants, Air/Gel padding which can be pre-cooled, for use during the acute phase; and memory foam padding for optimum comfort during rehabilitation phase
  • The children`s MalleoStabil is used for the stabilization of the ankle joint
  • Available in black


Stabilization of the ankle joint for ligament injuries, upper ankle joint sprains, supination and / or external rotation traumas, fibula ligament rupture.


  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve ankle stability
  • Control over pronation
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease ankle pain symptoms
  • Reduce ankle swelling
  • Improve quality of life

Support Level

This brace is rated Level IV

BORT MalleoStabil Ankle Brace

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Sizing Chart

Fits height:
up to 155 cm = Size 1 / For children
over 155 cm = Size 2

same for left and right.
1 cm = 0,3937 inch

Additional Info

BORT MalleoStabil Ankle Brace What is the best feature of the MalleoStabil by Bort?

The best feature of this supportive brace is that it is ideal for high ankle sprains and fibular ligament ruptures.

It is one of the few stirrup braces that fit youth and child ankles

BORT MalleoStabil Ankle Brace


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