Braceshop Aero Hi Top Walker



Braceshop Aero Hi Top Walker

Braceshop Aero Hi Top Walker the next generation of the Aircast pneumatic walking brace, has new features to increase comfort, simplify use, and promote compliance while still retaining the clinically effective elements found in the original prefabricated walking brace by Braceshop.

Includes 2 FREE Magnetic Multi Card Pads (Two Pads) from BMMI: The only clinically proven concentric circle magnets to improve circulation, accelerate healing and enhance pain relief. (A $23.80 VALUE)

  • Inflatable bladder incorporated into liner for increased immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot
  • Specially designed toe guard for added protection
  • Cushioned sole for greater energy absorption
  • State of the art design provides greater protection without sacrificing wearer comfort
  • Fits either right or left foot
  • Reinforced Adjustable Toe Guard
  • The Magnetic Multi-Card Pads design can be used for applying to the shoulder muscles, back of the neck, and other areas where it's designed to deliver focused, deep penetration for reducing pain and relieving tension
  • Magnetic Multi-Card Pads flexible design makes it ideal for curved or particularly bony areas of the body
  • It mainly helps the bony areas to relax and give a support


  • Used for soft tissue injuries, grade 2 and 3 sprains, stable fractures and post-operative stabilization. Helps to reduce pain, swelling and edema of foot and ankle.


  • Protect leg, ankle and foot
  • Immobilize leg/ankle/foot post-surgery
  • Improve ambulation during post-op/post-injury
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve ulcer healing time
  • Improve comfort

Support Level

This brace is rated Level IV

Braceshop Aero Hi Top Walker

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Braceshop Aero Hi Top Walker


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