Breg Back Support with Side Pulls


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Breg Back Support with Side Pulls

BREG offers one of the lowest profile back supports on the market today. Durable elastic construction with a unique compression molded lumbar pad provides excellent support.

The additional side pulls on the Breg Back Support with Side Pulls allow for greater support and comfort compared to the competition.

Elastic construction for a lightweight, breathable back support. Easy to wear all day.

  • One of the lowest profile back supports on the market today
  • Additional side pulls for added support and compression
  • Durable elastic construction
  • Unique compression molded lumbar pad
  • Provides mild to moderate low back support as well as abdominal compression


The Breg Back Support with Side Pulls is ideal for mild low back pain as well as abdominal compression


  • Increase compression
  • Reinforce lumbar region
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease back pain symptoms
  • Low profile support
  • Improve quality of life

Support Level

This brace is rated Level III

Breg Back Support with Side Pulls

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Breg Back Support with Side Pulls


Norman, on 12-13-2016
very good product!!

I am a retired Letter Carrier and use this brace whenever I lift anything heavy. When I was still working I used this brace in the office getting the mail ready for delivery. On the street I would put it on to deliver the heavy Parcel Post. This same "Berg Back Support with Side Pulls" was worn by 8 other carriers in the office I worked. Thank you for having this brace in your shop. Norman, the Mailman.

Dee, on 12-13-2016
I wear it all day.

I am an extremely active person with a degenerate disc disease in lower back. I wear this all day long everyday in my daily activities whether its swinging an axe or making jello and I do not have the back pains I use to have prior to making this a part of my wardrobe. Its comfortable just sitting and very effective product. It also keeps my core strengthen which helps with lessen the pain

2Oo3Uch, on 12-13-2016
Fav back support

I wear it all day long and find it strengthened individual muscles and help calm the snapping nerves. I had two open back surgeries in one year. Yeah. Good support! Buying the custom made next.

Ram, on 12-13-2016
Great product!

I wear it when I need to do any lifting, and I wear it for a couple of hours at a time when my lower back hurts. Works great in both instances.

Nylah, on 12-13-2016

I like the support but I wish it came in a wider than 9-inch version.

Tumbleweed, on 12-13-2016

Having had one back fusion surgery, and still having problems, I"d like to avoid more surgery. Once I got the right size, this brace has really helped!