Breg Universal Thumb Spica


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Breg Universal Thumb Spica Information

The most popular Breg thumb spica is a versatile thumb splint made of perforated neoprene.

  • Rigid, malleable stays help provide the desired support and comfort
  • Universal design fits either left or right hand
  • 1/8' perforated neoprene wrap style is easy to apply
  • Latex Free


  • Indicated for deQuervains Syndrome
  • Indicated for Rheumatoid Arthritis


  • Thumb immobilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve thumb joint function
  • Easy application

Support Level

This brace is rated Level III

Breg Universal Thumb Spica

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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

  • Universal Sizing

Additional Info

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Breg Universal Thumb Spica What is a Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger and trigger thumb are painful conditions that cause the fingers or thumb to catch or lock in a bent position.

Trigger finger symptoms usually involve a "snapping" sound of any of the digits of the hand. The medical term is stenosing tenosynovitis.

Insurance Code

HCPCS Code: L3923

Breg Universal Thumb Spica


Karen, on 12-13-2016
Stay keeps coming out at the thumb

The brace seems to be doing what it is suppose to, other than the metal stay keeps working its way out at the thumb. This is very bothersome.

Judy, on 12-13-2016
Four stars

The brace works well for me. Comfortable, easy on/off, easy to clean

Tara, on 12-13-2016
Works Great!

I bought this because I have been having a lot of pain in my thumb and wrist. It was sometimes painful when I golfed, so I purchased this brace to see if that would help. I am happy to say that it works great! I can still grip my club and I suspect it holds my wrist properly when I swing because I seem to be hitting the ball a little further and straighter. I call that a bonus!

K, on 12-13-2016
Works well

I bought this as it was the only brace I found specifically for De Quervains. I am very pleased with it and it has made a big difference in the pain I've had. It's easy to use and comfortable! I would definitely recommend it!!