Breg Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace


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Breg Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace Information

The Breg Wrist Lacer is constructed of durable, perforated suede and moisture wicking polypropylene felt.

All wrist supports are made of premium materials and contain a removable, malleable palmar stay for custom fit and adjustment.

  • Durable, perforated suede and moisture wicking polypropylene felt
  • Single-pull lace closure and adjustable thumb strap enhance ease of application and patient fit
  • Removable, malleable palmar stay supports the wrist
  • The Wrist Lacer is available in 8" and 10" versionsrsions
  • Designed for optimal fit and ease of useof use


The Breg Wrist Lacer is indicated for Sprains Strains, Scaphoid injuries, Carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Wrist immobilization
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve wrist joint function
  • Easy application

Support Level

This brace is rated Level III

Breg Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace

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The Breg Wrist Lacer

The Breg Wrist Lacer

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Breg Wrist Lacer Fitting Instructions

Breg Wrist Lacer

Breg Wrist Lacer in 10" Length

Breg Wrist Lacer What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist (carpal tunnel), which may result in numbness, tingling, weakness, general wrist pain or even muscle atrophy in the hand and fingers.

Symptoms usually start gradually, with frequent burning, tingling, or itching numbness in the palm of the hand and the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers.

Breg Wrist Lacer


Jbahr, on 12-13-2016
wrist braces

I purchased the left and the right braces. The quality is superb. There should be an XSmall size as I had to modify mine to fit my much smaller wrists.

Marty, on 12-13-2016
Just wonderful

I order this brace because the one i received from my doctor is big, bulky and hot. This brace is lightweight, sturdy, easy to adjust for perfect fit and well made. I got a great price and sup fast shipping. I highly recommend this brace and the Braceshop! Thanks so much :)

Pajar, on 12-13-2016
Great Wrist Brace

I am a retired nurse practitioner now but in the past I had given this brace to my patients with wrist problems and really liked the fit and ease in putting it on and taking it off. The lacing system cinches just right when the main Velcro strap is pulled and it is so comfortable. So when I needed one for myself I searched for this and was delighted when I found it. I've been wearing it at night for carpal tunnel symptoms in my right hand for a few weeks and my day time symptoms have even improved. If my left wrist/hand symptoms get much worse I will order one for that side as well.

Francesm904, on 12-13-2016
Great item

Great brace, good fit - especially for a person of short stature with shorter arm length.

Best Brace Ever ! ! !, on 12-13-2016
This was my first brace, Tried several others over the years always reverted back to this one.

I am a nurse, I had Carpal Tunnel Surgeries in 2003 & 2004. Bought this style prior to the 1st surgery. Didn't like the one my Dr gave me so I went & bought another prior to my second surgery. Kept them & used them off & on over the years. Recently moved couldn't find my braces. I recently purchased 3 different styles, & not happy with any of those other styles. I am glad to see the Breg Wrist Lacer, is still available, I will be ordering one today.

Jbahr, on 12-13-2016
wrist brace

I really like this brace. the lacing gives even tension and lots of relief

Karen, on 12-13-2016
Love It!

I purchased this as a replacement for the one I got at the doctor. This one actually has two pieces of metal, top and bottom, versus the one from the doctor that was on the bottom only. This is sooooo much better!!!

Trekkie, on 12-13-2016
Great braces

These braces, with the lacing and webbing at the base of the thumb, are the only style I can wear. The traditional style with a thumb hole causes great pain in my thumbs. I am SO glad I found these braces! Please keep making them!

Mich, on 12-13-2016
Perfect Brace

The Breg Wrist Lace Wrist Brace is so comfortable. I have them in both sizes and both the right and left. I broke both my wrists within 10 months apart. I had went to place for a brace and they gave me a plastic hard brace and I was in so much pain with it on. I was like I'm not wearing this. So I did some research and came across The Brace Shop with these braces. I love them. I highly recommend these braces. Great quality, fit, and price.