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DonJoy Protective Knee Guard Information

The DonJoy Protective Knee Guard (PKG) provides the MCL with prophylactic protection from lateral blows common in contact sports such as football and hockey. The DonJoy Protective Knee Guard features 100% high strength stainless steel hinge bars for maximum impact management, durability, and fits either knee. DonJoy Protective Knee Guards aid against injury by deflecting forces away from the joint.

  • Protects the Medial Collateral Ligament from lateral blows
  • Used during impact sports such as football and hockey
  • High strength stainless steel hinge bar medially
  • Single upright
  • Universal Sizing
  • Comes in Black only
  • Fits either left or right leg


DonJoy Protective Knee Guard is designed to protect the knee from lateral impact injuries
  • Protect from lateral impacts
  • Low profile protection
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve knee joint function
  • Improve performance

Support Level

This brace is rated Level III

DonJoy Protective Knee Guard
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Sizing Chart

  • REMEMBER: This brace has only one hinge on the outside of the leg, to prevent side impacts
  • Universal Sizing

Additional Info

DJ Orthopedics, Inc. is a global orthopedic sports medicine company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of surgical and non-surgical products and services that repair, regenerate and rehabilitate soft tissue and bone, help protect against injury, and treat osteoarthritis of the knee.
DonJoy Protective Knee Guard The knee is a complex joint that is relatively unstable during any high-impact activity. This instability is a cause of the most frequent serious sports injuries.

DonJoy braces and supports offer varying degrees of support, protection and pain relief by compressing the soft tissue and stabilizing the knee joint.

DonJoy Protective Knee Guard


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