FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support



FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support Information

Innovative knit structure provides gradient compression to promote the healing process.

  • Anatomical contouring supports natural motion of the knee and provides an exceptional fit
  • Motion comfort zone in popliteal area for increased comfort
  • Comfortable, non-constricting top and bottom cuffs
  • Medical-grade silicone insert guides the patella
  • Silicone insert massages surrounding soft tissues to help reduce swelling
  • Constructed with moisture-wicking fibers
  • Premium knee support is a lightweight, breathable alternative to neoprene
  • Color: White/Gray


This brace is indicated for slight to moderate strain of the knee joint and mild patella femoral instability.


  • Increase knee compression to reduce swelling
  • Patella stability
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms associated with mild patella femoral instability
  • Improve joint function
  • Improve quality of life

Support Level

This brace is rated Level II

FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support

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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

FLA ProLite® 3D Knee Support

New Large Sizes:

3X Large: Thigh 22-23 1/4 Calf 181/8-191/4
4X Large: Thigh 231/4-243/8  Calf 191/4-201/2

Measure circumference 5 1/2" above center of the knee for thigh and 4 3/4" below knee for calf.

Additional Info

Additional Pictures/Information

This specially designed 3D knee support provides excellent compression and stabilization for weak or injured knees. With its unique knitting structure made of polyamide and elastane it is a lightweight and breathable alternative to neoprene.

The 3D support should fit snugly but not so tight it digs into skin.

FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support What is Patella Tracking?

Patellar tracking disorder occurs when the kneecap (patella) shifts out of place (tracks) as the leg bends or straightens. Left untreated, the knee will continue to experience pain and progressive dysfunction with such long-term effects as osteoarthritis.

Many times it is accompanied by popping, clicking or grinding noises as the person runs or walks.

Insurance Code

HCPCS Code: A4466

FLA ProLite 3D Knee Support


R. Long, on 12-13-2016
THE BEST KNEE brace for full support!

My husband has had a quadriceps tendon tear and this brace was suggested by his Orthopedic Surgeon. IT is the best support he has ever achieved in a well made brace, we bought another one for his other knee.....which needs arthroscopic surgery. GO BRACE SHOP! we will be buying again...

Lisa, on 12-13-2016
Well worth it.

I have thick thighs and calves and this fit me perfectly. It didn't pinc,h roll, or cut into me. It also gave a great amount of support for for my knee . Being that I'm a fighter it definitely comes in handy.