McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace


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McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace Information

The McDavid Ultra Light 195 is worn by the best players in the game.

Why spend the time and money on taping when the #195 gives you the support you need? It's the most popular ankle brace on the market today.

Used to replace costly tape for injury prevention, it features a lightweight nylon/vinyl fabric shell with two "Figure 6" stirrup straps that may be adjusted at anytime during play without removing the shoe.

These straps simulate a professional taping technique that lends additional support and protection for common injuries.
  • Simulates athletic taping with fully adjustable figure 6-straps that don't bunch or collapse
  • Straps can be retightened anytime without having to re-lacing constantly
  • Light weight and non-invasive ankle support and protection
  • Padded lining improves fit, increases compression and breathes for comfort
  • Elastic heel and sewn-in tongue
  • Available in Black
  • Other support and comfort features include a padded lining with a notched front, elastic heel and tongue and a sewn in arch support
  • Used and recommended by top professional and collegiate athletes as well as sports medicine professionals nationwide
  • Guaranteed to last
  • Fits left or right ankle and any style shoe


The McDavid Ultra Light 195 is light weight and non-invasive for ankle support and protection.
  • Increase activity
  • Prevent sprains/strains
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Improve endurance

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McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace

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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace

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McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace

McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace What is the difference between a fracture and a break?

A fracture and a broken (break) bone are the same thing! Both terms mean that the normal bone structure has been disrupted.

Treatment of a fracture often involves immobilization with a cast, walking boot or surgery to put the bones back into place.

McDavid Ultra Light 195 Ankle Brace


Boo, on 12-13-2016

Very light and comfortable, just wish they were a little easier to put on.

Rose , on 12-13-2016
Best Ankle Brace I found

I broke and badly dislocated my ankle, tearing all the ligaments across the front and side of my ankle. I have tried just about every ankle brace out there. I need the support to keep my bones in place when I go for walks or work in my garden on uneven ground. This is the best fitting, most comfortable, and effective brace of all. I ordered a second one just to make sure I'll have one in case they ever change the style. I hope McDavid never changes this style. It's the best.