MedSpec CMC Thumb Support


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ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support

The ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support aids in the treatment of arthritis and instability of the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint.

  • The CMC Thumb Support aids in the treatment of arthritis and instability of the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint
  • The unique design of the internal padded stay in combination with the outer elasticstrap provides focal compression at the base of the thumb and helps stabilize the CMC joint
  • The CMC Thumb Support provides this functional stabilization without restricting  the use of the thumb in pinching or grasping objects


  • For moderate/severe CMC arthritis
  • Instability of the CMC
  • Focal compression at the base of the thumb


  • Maximum support
  • Prevent thumb CMC instability
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve thumb function
  • Maintain flexibility

Support Level

This brace is rated Level III

ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support

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Sizing Chart

The ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support Sizing

The ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support Sizing
Body Part Measured: Wrist Circumference

Additional Info

ASO/MedSpec CMC Thumb Support


Rick Snyder, on 12-13-2016
pain free

These braces are working very well for me. Because of the design and size they do not limit my ability to preform all the aspects of my work. I'm wondering if it is in the rules of golf if I can wear these while I'm playing?

Bobby V, on 12-13-2016
Excellent support

Replaced old cumbersome support brace; much lighter without giving up any support.

Vince, on 12-13-2016
Brace works great!

I have arthritis in both thumbs, and had trouble opening doors. This brace really helps!.

Laura D., on 12-13-2016
Could not wear

I was not able to wear the brace I ordered. Maybe it was to large I do not know but it would rub against my skin causing discomfort. Very disappointed!

Kssunflowergirl, on 12-13-2016
Comfortable support

Works great. Much better than larger brace that extended down fore arm. Could even put stretchy winter gloves on over it. Ordering second one for sister. For me though even though I measured to a siz small I had to return and get an XS for a more firm fit.

Vjminfl, on 12-13-2016
Great product!

I have arthritis of both CMC thumbs, and this brace lets me turn door knobs. It might not sound like much, but it's pretty iimportant to me!

Ksmith, on 12-13-2016
fine except shipping cost

The brace is fine, the first one I ordered was too big so I had to send it back for a smaller size. I don't think if you exchange an item you should have to pay to send it back and receive a new one. The brace is fine, Velcro does rub a little .