Mueller Shokk Knee Brace Pads


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Mueller Shokk Knee Pads

A built in expansion panel makes the Mueller Shokk Knee Pads more comfortable. Pad is made from an abrasion resistant material with foam padding. Ideal for wrestling, volleyball, squash, handball, indoor soccer and racquetball.

  • Abrasion resistant material covering a foam pad for long-lasting durability
  • Contour design and super-stretch panel helps minimize bunching near the knee for a more comfortable fit
  • Neoprene blend sleeve provides constant compression and retains soothing body heat
  • Reinforced seams and stretch nylon-trimmed edges help prevent chafing
  • Sold in pairs


The Mueller Shokk Knee Pads are indicated to cushion and absorb shock.


  • Knee protection
  • Provide flexibility
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease knee pain symptoms
  • Prevent knee irritation
  • Improve endurance

Support Level

This brace is rated Level I

Mueller Shokk Knee Pads

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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

Mueller Shokk Knee Pads

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Mueller Shokk Knee Pads

Mueller Shokk Knee Pads


Rex, on 12-13-2016
Protective Knee Brace Pads Contoured for Comfort

These Knee Brace Pads are excellent protection and very comfortable to wear if one does not also have to wear a metal-framed knee brace over either knee. The Pads are too thick and resistant to fit under such a brace. I like them for hunting. The Knee Brace Pads must be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. The Pads contain latex and neoprene.