Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Ankle Brace


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Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Orthosis Information

Trulife Step is a fixed stirrup orthosis that allows post injury immobilization and return to function in a single brace.

This easy to use stirrup brace is attached to an orthotic arch support, providing the ultimate support.

  • Lightweight and simple to fit
  • Provides visible improvement in patient's gait
  • Lower profile than MAFO braces
  • Ideal for foot drop
  • Available only in Black
  • White has been discontinued by manufacturer


This lightweight AFO provides support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable.


  • Prevent "foot slap"
  • Prevent foot drop
  • Improve ambulation
  • Prevent falling
  • Stabilize gait

Support Level

This brace is rated Level IV

Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Orthosis

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Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Orthosis

Additional Info

Foot Drop is caused by a nerve condition that makes it difficult to lift your foot when walking.

There are many causes of foot drop, but many are due to injury, surgery, post-polio, MS, muscular dystrophy, CVA and diabetes.
Trulife Sure Step Fixed Position Orthosis


Sheldo, on 12-13-2016
Good brace for the price.

My insurance paid for a brace that was continually breaking. The proper brace for my lifestyle is $2,000. This brace is working for my drop foot, but can only be worn with walking or sneaker shoes. Don't know how long this one will last as I'm in construction. Happy with this purchase.

David, on 12-13-2016
works great

keeps my foot aligned..and drop foot stumbling comfortable to walk in all very satisfied with product!!

One Day At A Time, on 12-13-2016
How the Brace really heip

The Sure step is one of the Braces that there is not much spoken about it , but I can say that it is a very good brace. once it is paired up with the right pair of shoes it is very effective. Thank you

Aldo S, on 12-13-2016
makes a huge impact on walking!

I've been trying to find a brace that addresses my two problems. I have foot drop and weakness in my right ankle due to m s. I needed something that would help me lift my foot and stabilize my ankle at the same time. I'm constantly tripping on my own foot as it drags and often roll my ankle. I'm really tired of falling to the ground! (This brace does both.) And the price is very reasonable considering the place my doctor sent me wanted $600 for something similar. Some medical suppliers are ridiculous. I'm thrilled that this brace actually does what it's suppose to do. Now I walk almost as well as all those "normal" people out there, lol!! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it can be a little tricky to get on. But once I do, I'm glad I took the time. And I wear it all day at work and it stays comfortable. Love it !

Limpalong , on 12-13-2016
Foot part works great; Top part not.

I really believe this support would be great for my needs, except the part the wraps around the leg is way too large and I have the straps tightened down as far as they can go. A size smaller would be too small for my foot. Hopefully I can figure out something because I tore the ligaments and can't keep my toe up for walking purposes any more without support help. Anybody have any suggestions?